We regulate and direct so that traffic flows smoothly. We develop traffic concepts and are responsible for the electrical installation and assembly of traffic control systems, parking guidance systems and direction signs of all kinds.

Operating and Safety Equipment 

Operating and safety equipment helps to ensure safe road and tunnel infrastructures. With expertise and experience, Kummler+Matter EVT is your competent partner for the planning and installation of all operational and safety equipment.

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Traffic Bollards & Access Barriers

As the availability of parking spaces becomes more scarce, unauthorised parking on neighbourhood streets, on private parking spaces or pavements becomes more frequent. With bollards, vehicle barriers and access control stations, vehicle access can be reliably controlled. Kummler+Matter EVT plans and implements customised systems for controlling vehicle access.

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Everything that assists with the orientation of road users in road traffic is a speciality of Kummler+Matter EVT. The installation of traffic-related systems involves a wide range of requirements: From planning and installation to maintenance, Kummler+Matter EVT can take care of the entire range of services.

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Light signal systems

With the increasing volume of traffic in cities and at traffic junctions, the demands placed on light signal systems and traffic control systems have also risen.

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Temporary light signal systems 

For temporary traffic control, an interactive infrastructure is needed to meet the requirements of the site. Kummler+Matter EVT offers intelligent light signal systems that have been specially developed for temporary use. For forward-looking road safety.

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