Other services

Do you lack machines or personnel? We are at your side here as well, and can offer you various rental materials for all aspects of energy supply, as well as various machines and personnel.

Or do you need help in mastering a challenging large scale project? As a general and also full-service contractor, we also offer our services in this area.

Learn more about our other services:

Personnel leasing

Be it for strengthening your crew or as body leasing: the employees at Kummler+Matter EVT are highly qualified and competent. You can count on Kummler+Matter EVT to support your construction projects and provide target-oriented implementation of telecoms work.

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Kummler+Matter EVT rents out machines, systems and personnel so that your work can progress smoothly. The comprehensive service packages relieve you of the workload and allow you to focus on the essentials.  This means you benefit from the know-how of Kummler+Matter EVT to the maximum.

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Technical general and full-service contractor

Kummler+Matter EVT acts as technical general and full-service contractor for your major projects. Kummler+Matter EVT meets the high requirements through efficient processes, direct communication and transparent risk management with its own service provision and a network of long-standing partners.

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