Rental - Professional equipment available at all times

Kummler+Matter EVT rents out machines, systems and personnel so that your work can progress smoothly. The comprehensive service packages relieve you of the workload and allow you to focus on the essentials.  This means you benefit from the know-how of Kummler+Matter EVT to the maximum.


The rental services of Kummler+Matter EVT provide you with a firm basis that enables you to work without worries. No matter what you need; whether it be a temporary power supply, cabling and traffic control on building sites, the overall power supply at major events, or a specific machine for shaft inspections. Kummler+Matter EVT takes care of everything regarding the job: storage, delivery, maintenance and installation before use - dismantling, cleaning, removal and storage after use. In addition to specific products and machines, Kummler+Matter EVT can also provide personnel. Our specialists support your projects with their interdisciplinary know-how - be it with the help team reinforcement in the construction sector, body leasing for telecoms systems or planning services for cable laying. The employees of Kummler+Matter EVT offer a wide variety of experience and contacts.

Demand-oriented services, from individual packages to complete solutions - individual and flexible

Temporary building site components - Medium and low voltage


For high power requirements during building site or maintenance work, Kummler+Matter EVT has transportable, practical transformer substations that are suitable for every need. The benefits provided by your temporary systems are the result of many years of experience.



Emergency power generators


The emergency power generators from Kummler+Matter EVT stand out thanks to a high degree of configuration flexibility. They consist of reliable internal combustion engines combined with AC alternators. Numerous options can be added to this core to cover your specific requirements.



Event infrastructures


The demands placed on the infrastructure for events are constantly increasing, as are the demands on the power supply. Kummler+Matter EVT supplies emergency power generators to guarantee the availability of the power supply, and it plans lightning protection requirements and implements temporary lighting.



Temporary light signal systems


For temporary traffic control, an interactive infrastructure is needed to meet the requirements of the site. Kummler+Matter EVT offers intelligent light signal systems that have been specially developed for temporary use. For your road safety.



Personnel leasing


Be it for reinforcing your team or as body leasing: the employees at Kummler+Matter EVT are highly qualified and competent. You can count on Kummler+Matter EVT to support your construction projects and provide target-oriented implementation of telecoms work.

Your advantages

  • Smooth overall planning and implementation of public lighting projects - from simple projects to comprehensive, complex undertakings.

  • Experts from all areas work hand-in-hand at Kummler+Matter EVT: electrical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers and experienced network electricians. Laborious coordination activities can therefore be dispensed with - Kummler+Matter EVT takes care of everything for you.

  • Kummler+Matter EVT has all of the machines, equipment and vehicles needed in its own inventory - from telescopic lifting platforms to cable pulling equipment and temporary emergency power generators.