Emergency power generators

Safe supply of energy at all times - Kummler+Matter EVT knows a thing or two about energy. The emergency power generators for sale or rent stand out thanks to a high degree of configuration flexibility. Needs-based advice - to keep the energy flowing.


To ensure companies can function correctly, building sites can be operated safely, and end customers electricity requirements can be met appropriately, a smooth-running energy supply is essential. To meet that pre-requisite, Kummler+Matter EVT sells and rents out power generators for all requirements. These requirements can range from the continuous supply of power to temporary building sites to compensate for peak loads, to supplying power in the event of a power grid failure, or to safeguarding the power supply for the internal grids of large companies where the power is critical. The power generators consist of reliable internal combustion engines combined with best brand AC alternators for maximum safety. Numerous options can be added to this core to meet your specific requirements. Demand-oriented services, from individual packages to complete solutions - individual and flexible. 

Demand-oriented services, from individual packages to complete solutions - individual and flexible

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Execution
  • Commissioning
  • Upkeep


Kummler+Matter EVT takes care of the overall planning of the assignment and also provides the advisory expertise for needs-based utilisation.


Calculation of the lines and power requirements are key aspects for ensuring smooth running processes.


After careful planning, Kummler+Matter EVT delivers the system, installs the aggregates, lays the cabling and connects the cables for the consumer.


After the performance check, the system is put into operation and is therefore ready for the end customer.


In order to be able to help in an emergency, Kummler+Matter EVT maintains a stock of ready-to-use power generators with a capacity of 2.5 to 650 kVA. For periodic maintenance work, inspection and delivery of spare parts, you will be looked after by a team that stands out thanks to its many years of experience.

Technical highlights

  • Automatic control
  • Electronic control of the motor and generator
  • Outputs to European sockets (differential protection)
  • Preheating system
  • Automatic fuel pump in connection with an external tank
  • High capacity
  • Self-start: automatic
  • Switching between grid and power generator
  • Control cabinet for parallel connection with the grid via synchronisation
  • Grid shutdown without interrupting the power supply

Your advantages

  • Smooth overall planning and implementation of public lighting projects - from simple projects to comprehensive, complex undertakings.

  • Experts from all areas work hand-in-hand at Kummler+Matter EVT: electrical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers and experienced network electricians. Laborious coordination activities can therefore be dispensed with - Kummler+Matter EVT takes care of everything for you.

  • Kummler+Matter EVT has all of the machines, equipment and vehicles needed in its own inventory - from telescopic lifting platforms to cable pulling equipment and temporary emergency power generators.