Light signal systems - Traffic control systems - reliable and safe

With the increasing volume of traffic in cities and at traffic junctions, the demands placed on light signal systems and traffic control systems have also risen.


Kummler+Matter EVT can offer solutions to these challenges. Kummler+Matter EVT specialises in the planning, installation and maintenance of light signal systems, primarily for roads, but also for parking guidance systems for multi-storey car parks. You too can rely on the great mix of innovative products and demand-specific concepts and services for your light signal projects. The combination of experienced, reliable and competent traffic specialists with well-equipped depots and special vehicles and equipment ensures fast response times and efficient, professional work processes. In all projects - whether simple or complex - Kummler+Matter EVT brings many years of experience and proven specialist knowledge to the table. Kummler+Matter EVT will work closely with you to find the best technical solution.

Demand-oriented services, from individual packages to complete solutions - individual and flexible

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Execution
  • Commissioning
  • Upkeep


Kummler+Matter EVT can plan personnel resources, handle the deployment planning and works with lighting, foundation and construction plans, which serve as the basis for ensuring smooth implementation.


Kummler+Matter EVT prepares the layout of the light signal systems as well as the calculation of the statics for masts and any cable support structures. We also take care of all permits of course.


After the construction site has been fully prepared, the required civil engineering work for foundations and cable pulling begins. Following this, the mast constructions and light signal systems are installed, lines and cables are tensioned, and the facilities are connected to the traffic control system.


After completion of the installation work, test measurements are carried out and the systems are then integrated into the traffic control system.


In order to safeguard your investment in the long term, Kummler+Matter EVT carries out maintenance work such as inspections and cleaning of systems, checking and renewal of corrosion protection, as well as the replacement of lamps. Kummler+Matter EVT also offers a 24-hour call-out service for corrective maintenance.

Technical highlights

  • Placement of normal supports, angled supports, fuse posts and control devices
  • Cable support structures for overhead cable suspensions Cable pulling for light signal systems
  • Milling work (loops for bus, tram and bicycle)
  • Camera installation for bus, tram and bicycle detection
  • Activation work at control devices, mast clamps
  • Alignment and commissioning of light signal systems

Your advantages

  • Smooth overall planning and implementation of public lighting projects - from simple projects to comprehensive, complex undertakings.

  • Experts from all areas work hand-in-hand at Kummler+Matter EVT: electrical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers and experienced network electricians. Laborious coordination activities can therefore be dispensed with - Kummler+Matter EVT takes care of everything for you.

  • Kummler+Matter EVT has all of the machines, equipment and vehicles needed in its own inventory - from telescopic lifting platforms to cable pulling equipment and temporary emergency power generators.