Traffic Bollards & Access Barriers

The optimal system with Kummler+Matter EVT - As the availability of parking spaces becomes more scarce, unauthorised parking on neighbourhood streets, on private parking spaces or pavements becomes more frequent. With bollards, vehicle barriers and access control stations, vehicle access can be reliably controlled. Kummler+Matter EVT plans and implements customised systems for controlling vehicle access.


Retractable traffic bollards stand out thanks to their aesthetic appearance and easy handling and maintenance. Transit and parking traffic can be held back reliably, while pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users have unhindered access. Authorised persons can use a numerical code, access card or remote control to lower the bollards and therefore provide access. To avoid collisions, the bollards can be equipped with LED lighting. When lowered, they disappear flush with the floor.  Vehicle barriers can be used to effectively regulate access to car parks, private areas or even building sites. Vehicles can exit free or after payment of a usage fee. Barriers can also be used for temporary diversions or to prevent access at night. Thanks to the rapid movement of the barriers, the systems are also suitable for high traffic volumes.

Demand-oriented services, from individual packages to complete solutions - individual and flexible

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Execution
  • Commissioning
  • Upkeep


Which concept is optimal? Which systems and components are best suited for the current case? Kummler+Matter EVT can advise you in a competent and manufacturer-independent manner. We will be happy to take over the overall planning of your system. Traffic and safety concepts, obtaining permits, contract management and owner negotiations are also part of our services - our team can take care of everything.


The entire system is designed by Kummler+Matter EVT: Civil engineering work, design of the electrical system and planning of the cabling requirements. Our traffic specialists programme the control elements of the system. Detailed test procedures round off this project step.


The control cabinets are wired by us in-house. These are then delivered ready tested and installed on site. Kummler+Matter EVT carries out civil engineering, earth moving and surfacing work, installs the bollards and barriers and connects them to the control systems and power grid.


After commissioning, the system is tested and handed over to the customer. The system documentation also includes all required certificates.


No matter what you need, periodic checks, planned maintenance work or intervention in the event of damage - Kummler+Matter EVT can provide you with quick and competent support in all matters.

Technical highlights

  • Programming of all controller types
  • Cable pulling and core blowing
  • Civil engineering and trenchless
  • piping

Your advantages

  • Smooth overall planning and implementation of public lighting projects - from simple projects to comprehensive, complex undertakings.

  • Experts from all areas work hand-in-hand at Kummler+Matter EVT: electrical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers and experienced network electricians. Laborious coordination activities can therefore be dispensed with - Kummler+Matter EVT takes care of everything for you.

  • Kummler+Matter EVT has all of the machines, equipment and vehicles needed in its own inventory - from telescopic lifting platforms to cable pulling equipment and temporary emergency power generators.

Traffic bollards

As a manufacturer-independent technical expert, Kummler+Matter EVT offers access to an extensive network of suppliers of high-quality, reliable and trendsetting bollards.



Smart bollards - satisfied customers


Bollards can be raised or lowered automatically via mobile phone, radio remote control or even fingerprint. They are flexible, can be used individually and you can control the bollards remotely. Simpler models can simply be unlocked manually with a key. To close off a square permanently, a fixed bollard is the right choice.



How do they work?


A bollard system consists of a bollard unit, an electrical control unit (for retractable bollards) and a communication link for connection to the control system and power grid. Automatic bollards can be lowered and raised with an electronic control system, semi-automatic bollards have a gas-pressurised spring for this.



Expertise in control systems


The software engineers at Kummler+Matter EVT develop the control system for the bollards and adapt it to individual customer needs. 



Connection of multiple bollards


Bollards can be interconnected in parallel operation mode. The control system programming allows synchronised lifting and lowering of the bollards.

Your benefits

You keep your operating costs under control 


  • Low maintenance, user-friendly and reliable in operation
  • Energy efficient (230V mains connection)



You can rely on the material


  • Durable, rustproof and weather-resistant materials
  • Integrated heating coils to prevent the mechanism from freezing in frosty conditions



You can be sure


  • A detection loop prevents a bollard from being extended while a car is above it
  • Safety and security lighting Good visibility thanks to the LED lights
  • The short and far range collision protection prevents collisions
  • Thanks to separation points, major damage to vehicles as well as to the system can be avoided

Access barriers

Not all barriers are the same. Making the right choice is an art in itself. Kummler+Matter EVT will be happy to support you: From access control at public car parks to regulating traffic on company premises or the provision of temporary barriers. We have the right product for you.



How do they work?


Modern barrier systems consist of a barrier boom, a barrier drive and a control unit. The drive and controls are housed in a weatherproof casing. The length of the barrier boom varies depending on the barrier width and can be up to 10 metres. High-performance models can easily manage up to 10 million opening and closing movements. The opening times are between 1.7 and 8 seconds.



Expertise in control systems


Kummler+Matter EVT offers assistance with configuring the cabinet controls. To enable vehicles to be detected, we can optionally also integrate the detector loops, which were previously installed in the floor by our civil engineering teams, into the control system. This means up to four vehicles can be detected by the system. Safety comes first: External monitoring devices, such as video cameras, can also be connected to the barrier system.

Your benefits

You keep your operating costs under control


  • Low operating costs thanks to state-of-the-art technology
  • Easy handling: you save time and money



You can rely on the material


  • Durable and robust plastic: Individual sections can be replaced
  • High-quality housing design (powder-coated aluminium or stainless steel)
  • Even in very strong winds or heavy snowfall, the barrier remains completely functional



You can be sure


  • Video surveillance cameras can be integrated easily
  • Up to four vehicles can be detected via detection loops on the barrier system
  • The controls comply with current EN standards