Above-Ground Cable Duct System

Tried-and-test duct anchors from market-leading company. Kummler+Matter EVT offers a system that masters the balancing act between environmental protection, compatibility and adaptability. Your cables are protected, rain permeability is provided and, with low operating costs, a maximum guarantee of use is ensured.


The OKKS (Above-Ground Cable Duct System) is a reliable product that Kummler+Matter EVT patented back in 2000. The duct anchors enable the directional laying of cable ducts along the railway tracks. This special method of laying the concrete slabs supports the drainage of surface water and protects the cables from environmental influences. As Kummler+Matter EVT is the only company that can offer this niche product, the expertise of its technicians is irreplaceable. The fast and efficient installation and assembly method also keeps costs low. The system is used on new railway lines, where an AC-Rail foundation is laid. Above-Ground Cable Duct Systems can therefore be found throughout Switzerland. At Kummler+Matter EVT you can benefit from our wealth of experience across all sectors and receive advice on all matters.

Demand-oriented services, from individual packages to complete solutions - individual and flexible

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Execution
  • Commissioning
  • Upkeep


With many years of experience in the field of railway safety systems and railway cable planning, Kummler+Matter EVT is your contact for a wide range of services and will be happy to provide you with competent advice.


First of all, Kummler+Matter EVT calculates the cable routes and then takes care of the necessary building applications.


Precision is crucial during execution of the work. After setting up and securing the construction site, the first thing to do is to clean the paved surfaces. With their own special vehicles and special drilling techniques, the technicians with work with millimetre precision. The universal plate can then be moved and the cable duct prepared. To do this, the specialists work with a wide variety of adhesive mortars and emulsions.


During production, spot checks are completed to monitor the quality of the product. The concrete is tested for resistance to frost and de-icing salt, and the steel for its quality. Only after the required minimum values have been achieved are the products made available and handed over to the customer.


As the cable duct anchorage is environmentally resistant, no maintenance work is required!

Technical highlights

  • Patented cable duct (order no.: DV-BS 3634)
  • Cable planning
  • Cable pulling
  • Trenchless piping

Your advantages

  • Smooth overall planning and implementation of public lighting projects - from simple projects to comprehensive, complex undertakings.

  • Experts from all areas work hand-in-hand at Kummler+Matter EVT: electrical engineers, structural engineers, civil engineers and experienced network electricians. Laborious coordination activities can therefore be dispensed with - Kummler+Matter EVT takes care of everything for you.

  • Kummler+Matter EVT has all of the machines, equipment and vehicles needed in its own inventory - from telescopic lifting platforms to cable pulling equipment and temporary emergency power generators.