New lighting and modern KNX system for Heerenschürli sports centre

While expanding the Heerenschürli sports centre, Kummler+Matter EVT AG was commissioned with providing the lighting for five new playing fields (three football pitches and two beach volleyball courts). During the expansion work, the lighting controls were also updated – with the help of additional specialists from Bouygues Energies & Services.



Facts & figures

  • Client: Grün Stadt Zürich

  • Location: Zurich

  • Year: 2021–2022

  • Order volume:  approx. CHF 650,000



Project outline

Two grass playing fields, one artificial turf pitch and two beach volleyball courts were built on behalf of Grün Stadt Zürich. All previously unlit playing fields were newly equipped with LED lighting. The entire facility was previously renovated in 2010. Back then, Kummler+Matter EVT AG also executed the lighting for all the facilities being renovated at that time.


All the lighting is controlled from a central control room. To be precise, a mosaic mimic panel was used, on which specific buttons were installed for the individual lighting systems. As part of the latest expansion, this was replaced with an interactive touch screen, which can be used to control all the lighting for all the playing fields.


In 2019, Kummler+Matter EVT AG conducted a feasibility study for Grün Stadt Zürich to evaluate whether it would be possible to expand the lighting system – especially in terms of power consumption and whether the associated grid connection would be sufficient to meet increased demand. Since the playing fields were previously unlit, an increase in consumption was to be expected, despite the use of lamps with the latest LED technology. Dimmable LED lamps use up to 50 per cent less energy than conventional floodlights. In contrast to similar projects, this new build was far more demanding than a normal playing field construction project on account of its size.


Usually, lighting is only installed for one playing field, and not for several at a time. However, our employees overcame this challenge with flying colours. Following the positive outcome of the study, the lighting assembly and electrical installations were planned by an electrical engineer and advertised for bids on behalf of Grün Stadt Zürich. Kummler+Matter EVT submitted one such bid. To our great delight, we were approved for the project – not least, thanks to our many years of experience in sports facility lighting, as well as positive references.

Installation of the new lighting

In total, twelve new 18-metre-tall lighting poles were installed with LED floodlights. The two-piece poles were transported to the installation site by helicopter, where they were professionally assembled and bolted into place by employees, using a lifting platform. Thanks to effective advance planning and efficient workflows, all the poles were installed within approx. three hours.


The newly installed floodlight systems can be dimmed, as required. For example: during football games, it is possible to choose between different levels of lighting. Depending on the type of game (training, amateur division or 1st division), the brightness and uniformity on the pitch can be set to meet different requirements. The LED lamps have an estimated life span of 50,000 hours; on the Heerenschürli playing field, they will be used for approx. 300–500 hours per year.


A unique feature of the Heerenschürli playing field is the colour concept. The architect responsible for the renovation in 2010 rendered many areas of the grounds in three different shades of green. The lighting poles and various other installed parts needed to match the existing colour scheme. It was therefore of great importance that all poles, score boards and other installed parts on the poles and ball stops were ordered ready-painted in the correct colour.


However, the project was affected by the ongoing widespread delivery delays, posing an additional challenge for the team. In the end, the missing parts were successfully delivered and installed.


New touch screen simplifies lighting controls

Until now, the lighting was controlled and operated via a mosaic mimic panel in the control room. Employees of Bouygues Energies & Services have now replaced it with an interactive touch screen.


This provides considerable benefits for the customer: for one, any changes to the system, e.g. the addition of new lighting systems, can easily and flexibly be implemented via the interface. Unlike a mosaic mimic panel, there is no need to adapt the hardware; everything on the playing field is connected to a local network server, allowing centralised administration.


Mutually complementary: collaboration with Bouygues Energies & Services


Kummler+Matter EVT AG has many years of experience in the field of lighting technology behind it. The team enjoys working with colleagues from Bouygues Energies & Services on projects involving additional tasks in the field of switchgear construction, control technology (KNX) or other programming solutions. Kummler+Matter EVT AG is a subsidiary of Bouygues Energies & Services in Switzerland – which is why it is only logical to work together in complementary fields.


In this project too, qualified employees from Bouygues Energies & Services were brought on board as sub-contractors. Both business units worked closely to complete the project according to customer specifications.


Kummler+Matter EVT is proud to have delivered and executed the products according to Grün Stadt Zürich’s requirements; demand for the new playing fields is already high. We hope the footballers enjoy their kickabout into the late evening hours, thanks to the new lighting!


Our services

  • Supply and installation of floodlight systems
  • Supply of new sub-distribution panels (Bouygues Energies & Services Spreitenbach)
  • Supply and installation of pole fuse boxes (Bouygues Energies & Services Spreitenbach)
  • All cable pulleys for the new systems
  • Installation of acoustic systems
  • Supply and installation of fixed connections
  • Supply and installation of score boards
  • Installation of irrigation computers
  • Expansion of KNX programming and replacement of mosaic mimic panel with a touch screen (Bouygues Energies & Services Zürich)
  • Expansion of fibre optic cabling
  • In total, more than 11 kilometres of cable were laid